Monday, December 12, 2011

Topps 2011: My Last Cub!!

My first post with Topps 2011 cards was back on February 7. Now, a little more than ten months later, I'm finally wrapping things up. My last card came this weekend and here it is:

...the Ryne Sandberg Diamond Die Cut. I got the card over a month ago, but Topps didn't make it available until November 30.

Guess what I did on November 30? I was surprised that the card was ready on the date that Topps said it would be ready. I really expected that there would be a delay. So I was thrilled that when I clicked on the card to get it shipped, I was taken to the checkout area.

Kudos to Topps for the speedy service, too. It took only a little more than a week for the card to end up at the WW Headquarters. But lest you think that Topps has it all together....

On the same day that the card arrived, I got an email from Topps telling me that the card was shipped and giving me the tracking information. So now I could track the package to see that what I had in my hands had actually been delivered. Awesome.

It gets better. Here is the text of the email:

Thank you for your order

2011-BB-DDC-DDC-15 Ryan Sandberg 1 12/09/11 SHIPPED

Order # 275219-1 Order Date: 12/01/11 0299EDI
Shipping Method - USPS

(UPS Shipments only):
To track your UPS shipment online, simply visit UPS online at and enter the tracking number above.

Yup, I am the proud owner of a Ryan Sandberg card! At least they got his name right on the card.

With this final card, my 2011 Topps Cubs total sits at 267 cards. Tomorrow I have a breakdown of all of the cards and wrap things up.

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