Friday, December 9, 2011

Theo/Jed is a Genius!

They're geniuses! What else can you say about someone who can get rid of a player who hit only .150....

and get a player in return that hit .156????

Brilliant!! We picked up six points!!! Make those World Series reservations now!!

1 comment:

  1. And keep in mind that was after he doubled his average from April-May when couldn't hit an anorexic's weight at .077. I actually like this trade for both teams. A change of scenery was needed for all involved.

    Could one of our teams end up with a steal? Sure, a bounce back by one and not the other is entirely possible. It's also possible both guys are out of the league by the end of next year, but hey why not roll the dice. Both are former 1st round picks.

    I am personally really excited to see LeMahieu (man I hope I learn to spell his name without looking it up every time).