Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few More Home Parks in '74

When I was a kid, most cards featured players in their away uniform. That's because the pictures were taken in a limited number of ballparks. If it wasn't a spring training shot, it was either

New York

The Bay Area

or Chicago, because those three metro areas had teams in both leagues. Topps only needed a few photographers to snap all the teams.

But by 1974 Topps was using more game action photos and more stadiums started showing up. It was good to see some other teams in their home duds.

Looking through the set I found four ballparks that were rarely seen in baseball cards

Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium

Riverfront in Cincinnati

Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia, and

Baltimore's Memorial Stadium.

When these cards came out in 1974, three of the stadiums were almost brand new, Riverfront, Three Rivers, and the Vet. I liked seeing these "modern" ballparks, Astroturf and all. And now, of the ten stadiums I've got pictured today, only two, Oakland Coliseum (or whatever they are calling it nowadays) and Wrigley Field are left.

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