Monday, December 26, 2011

More Coins in the Pockets

Once I picked up the 1971 Cubs coins, I knew I would have to go after the '64s....and I did!

These were going to be a little tougher. First, they are a bit older than the '71s, so that means they're a bit more scarce. Second, of the seven Cubs coins, five are of Hall of Fame players. That'll make them a bit pricier.

I lucked into a nice lot of the '71 Cubs, but wasn't as lucky with the '64s. It was going to be a coin at a time, until I got all seven. I was patient, and eventually, I was successful.

I'll start with the two non-Hall players, both pitchers

Dick Ellsworth, who won 22 games for the Cubs in '63

and Larry Jackson, a 14 game winner (though he lost 18).

And now the Hall of Famers, all familiar names....

Ernie Banks

Lou Brock, Topps apparently saw his as an up and coming star by including him on the coin checklist. Its too bad the Cubs brass didn't see him the same way!

Billy Williams

and two of the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Ron Santo.

And here is a look at all seven together in the tobacco card page

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