Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baseball Heroes 2008

After a two year hiatus, Upper Deck brought back the Baseball Heroes in 2008. As in 2005, the set was a full blown set instead of inserts, this time with 200 cards. Unlike previous releases, this one featured a single card of 175 different players instead of 5-10 cards of a small group. There were nine Cubs among the 175 cards.

The last 25 card in the set were with dual or quad cards, featuring a combination of current and former players. Two Cubs were included in that group.

The hook for this set are the parallels. Upper Deck put out a whopping ten different colored parallels. It was a stretch to come up with ten different colors: Sea Green, Red, Purple, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Emerald, Charcoal, Brown, Black, and Beige. I've got absolutely no interest in chasing any of these. I've read the tales others of you have told about these and it seems like everyone is missing at least one, usually the purple.

The base cards are good enough for me, and here they are:


  1. I really love these Baseball Heroes cards - from the design to the logo!

  2. The parallels are the only reason that I care about this set. They look amazing. You should really get some. No one says you need to get them all.

  3. Maybe I'll go after a blue set; I'll bet the blue matches nicely with the Cubs unis.