Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Trade and a Plea

Tom over at The Angels, In Order sent me an email looking to do some trading.  I'm not a very active trader-- my collection is so narrowly focused that I have little to trade.  But since he offered, I took a look at his want list.  Turns out I have a few cards from the '70s that he needed.  I let him know and sent the cards.

He has a lot more trade bait than I do because look at the loot he sent me:

That is a very generous stack of cards and I really appreciate it.  Some are new to me while several are doubles.  I do have a special place for the doubles, though.  It's connected to the second part of the post title, the plea.

My job as a school principal has some perks and one of the best is birthday treats.  When kids celebrate their birthday at school, they bring in a treat for the class.  Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, ice cream bars--lots of goodies.  And in addition to sharing with their classmates, they take the extras around to the other teachers AND to their favorite principal, me.

When they give me a treat, I give them baseball cards.  I put a stack of cards in a team bag, one card per a seven year old gets seven cards.  The stacks include both Cubs and Tigers.  They are mostly Tigers fans in my neck of the woods, but I also feel the need to spread the Cubbie gospel to these Michigan heathens.

The doubles from Tom will go into my Cubs stash.

And now the plea.

My Tiger pile has dwindled and needs to be replenished.  If you've got some extra Tigers cards looking for a new home, would you consider putting them in a PWE and sending them my way?

I'd really appreciate it, and so would 85 of my little friends.


  1. What years of Tigers do you want? I definitely can contribute some.

    1. John-the kids prefer the newer cards, but anything would be fine. If their older, we can have a little history lesson.

    2. On it. Give me a week or so.

  2. I got a bunch of cards I can shoot your way email me your address don't know just how soon I can send them but I'd be happy to help u out seeing how my mom is a special ed teachers aid

  3. Being in education definitely has its perks. I work with middle school kids and right now cupcakes are a huge trend. Seems like last year I was getting a cupcake pop once or twice a week.

  4. If you email your address to me (Johngy1 aol), I will send out a bunch next week.