Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Following the Rules With A Cheap Auto

Yesterday I talked about following my autograph and relic rule.  Alcantara was affordable, but Javier Baez is not.  Today I've got a really affordable item.

I picked up this Mike Olt card back in April.  Technically it would satisfy both the auto and relic rule since the card has both.  But that doesn't really satisfy me.  One of the two binders would be missing the Olt card.  So I filled the hole with...

...this, which can go in the autograph binder, while the Museum card heads to the relic binder.

When I picked up the first card in April, there was some optimism with Mike Olt.  His eye troubles were cleared up and he had a decent spring.

The optimism vanished quickly.  Olt turned into a K or HR guy.  In 212 plate appearances this year, he hit 12 home runs but also struck out 83 times.  His batting average is .139.  Olt has recently turned into an Iowa Cub.  With what the Cubs have in the pipeline, I'd be surprised if he ever makes it back to Wrigley.

The only positive out of all of this is that I was able to get the auto-only card for an afordable three bucks.

I bet by Christmas I could get one for 99¢.

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