Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two More of My Favorite Ex-Cub

Even though Darwin Barney is no longer a Cub, I still have a few cards of his to get.  Last week I picked up two.

Topps has again put out a mini version of the base set, so that means I need a mini Barney.

There are also the usual, and dreaded parallels.

So far I've got the gold.  There is also a pink (/25), black (/5), and platinum (1/1), but I haven't seen any of them surface yet.

These two additions boost the 2014 Topps Barney total to 20

Row 1: base, base blank back, base no foil, Power Player
Row 2: Opening Day, Opening Day blank back, Factory Team set, Pink
Row 3: Black, Camo, Gold, Red Foil
Row 4: Blue, Red, Green Purple
Row 5: Yellow, Opening Day Blue, Mini, Mini Gold

And how is he doing now?

I think that his Isotopes picture says it all.  He spent a couple weeks with AAA Albuquerque and he doesn't look too happy to be there, does he?  He's got a "I'm a Gold Glover; what the heck and I doing down here??" look.

Through 9 games, he's batting .257.  Most of his time has been spent at shortstop and he's also played a little at third base.

On Sunday, he was recalled to the Dodgers as Hanley Ramirez was placed on the DL.  It'll be interesting to see if he sticks with the team when Ramirez gets back.

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  1. He's playing with the big boys now, he'll have to take what he can get. He's just fortunate that someone on the Dodgers loves scrappy infielder types.