Monday, August 11, 2014

Topps Finest 1995

Year three for Topps Finest was the first year that the cards had this...

...the protective coating...

...which I decided to take off.

It took a little while, but I was able to figure out a fairly simple way to remove the covering.  I just lightly scratched the coating in the bottom right corner of the card and that usually lifted the corner enough to grab and pull off.  If that corner didn't work, I tried another.

The set shrunk by half from 1994, down to only 220 cards.

The first 30 cards of the set are rookies.  The Finest logo at the top of their cards is a shade of teal.


The Cubs had two of the 30. both pitchers.

The rest of the players have Finest in gold instead of teal.  The Cubs had seven players.






When released, a pack of seven cards had a $4.99 retail price, which comes to 71¢ per card.  Nineteen years later I paid $2.99 for nine cards....33¢ per card.

That protective coating really helped the cards keep their value.

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