Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1961 Topps Stamp Billy Williams #3

Trying to complete the PSA master collection for Billy Williams has meant that I've had to get some doubles.  The 1961 Topps stamp went one step further and required triples, the solo stamp and the two different panel version. I recently picked up stamp #3.

This is the full panel version with Warren Spahn.  This has been a long time coming.  The single Billy stamp and the full panel with Carl Willey were fairly easy to find.   But one with two hall of famers wasn't as easy.  I hadn't seen an auction for one of these in months, so I was excited when I found the listing.  I was also excited because the starting price wasn't crazy high.  The price I ended up paying was a fraction of the price of a PSA 9 of the stamp the recently went for $300.

Here's a look at all three versions I've got now:

My PSA Billy collection is now at 76% complete, with 96/127 in hand.

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