Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wow Times Six!!


Six Bombs!!

On a night when the wind was blowing out, the Cubs came up huge.  Six blasts in one game, an MLB post-season record, and an 8-6 win.

The Cardinals did their share of damage too.  Jake Arrieta was human.

But the Cubs still prevailed.

I predicted the Cubs in 4.  This afternoon they can make it happen.

Here's the six home run hitters:



And here, gulp, is the guy who's going to finish off the Cardinals (he says with fingers crossed!)


  1. I think all Cubs fans have their fingers crossed. Enjoy the game this afternoon!

  2. Wipe the floor with those dirty birds. Do it! Do it I say!!!!!

  3. Didn't you say Cubs in 4? Right on WW!!!!