Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Last Couple Heritage Cards

The Cubs have a few days off before the start of the NLCS.


I need a few days for my nerves to settle down.  The Blackhawk's playoff runs the past several years have been good training for this.  But, still, this ain't the Hawks.  Its the Cubs.  And its nerve wracking.  I'm hoping it turns out the way it did for the Hawks in '10, '13, and this past summer.

I'll turn my attention away from the post-season and take a look at the last couple Heritage High Number cards that I needed to complete my team set.

These are the two Cubs in the 1966 Bazooka insert set from the high numbers.  Ten additional cards were added and two of the ten were Cubs.  Yay Cubs, boo wallet!


And one of the two is Kris Bryant.  Big Boo Wallet.

The price of success that I happily pay.

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