Saturday, October 10, 2015

Two More Autographs

I've added two more autographs to my certified auto collection.  My goal is to have at least one card of any Cub player with a certified autograph that show him as a Cub in a season he played for the Cubs.

Earlier this year I added a Matt Szczur autograph.  That was easy.  He's not a big name or a hyped rookie.

Today's two were not as easy, as one is a big name and the other is a hyped rookie.

This would be the big name.  I'm writing this before Lester takes the mound against the Cardinals in Game One.  Hopefully the team gets a decent return on its $155 million investment.

Here is the hype rookie.  I actually thought a week ago that I should get a Schwarber auto before the playoffs begin, just in case he does well and the prices get jacked up.  Turned out to be a wise move.  Jacking a ball into the Allegheny does make your card prices go up.

There are still two more extra-hyped rookies that I haven't picked up yet, Addison Russell and Kris Bryant.  I think I'm going to have to wait a couple years before their autographed card prices drop into my price range.

I'm a Cub fan.  I'm used to waiting.  It's what we do.


  1. KB signed a lot! They all can't hold these ridiculous prices. I'll be waiting to complete my 2015 team sets until 2016.