Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Javier Baez Heritage Collection

Topps seemed to have gone all-in with Javier Baez for the 2015 season.  He had several different cards in most sets.  Heritage was no exception. Between the regular and high numbers, I've got five cards of the Cubs infielder.  There are also some dual and triple relic cards and some autograph cards.

I find it a bit funny that he gets only a shared rookie card in the base set, but all sorts of inserts.


Baez has been pretty good since being recalled on September 1.   I'm starting to be a Baez believer again.  All the strikeouts last year really turned me off.  He's shown more discipline this year had he's also been really good with the glove.

His season got off to a rough start.  He didn't make the Cubs out of spring training and then his younger sister died.  It's a pretty heart-warming story, him and his sister.  Read about it here.  Her death really affected him and when he came back from bereavement leave, he promptly broke a finger.  Once he was finally healed emotionally and physically, he's been doing quite well.

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  1. I'm a Javy supporter but not a believer. I hope he does well and he finds a way to make consistent contact without sacrificing bat speed, but I just don't know if he can do it.
    Personally, I think he's traded in the off-season. He was not a Theo/Jed draft pick and really doesn't fit their mold of grinding out at-bats, but his power is hard to give up on. I think if they can trade Javy for a Tyson Ross type of starting pitcher then the front office would do it in a heart beat. Only time will tell though!