Thursday, October 29, 2015

Russell Relic and Autograph

Prices for Addison Russell relics and autographs have fallen to the point where I can afford them.  Missing the NLCS with a pulled hammy and then the Cubs getting swept probably helped with the price drop.  My wallet is happy but my head is still not.

Most of the autographs that I've seen for Russell have been redemptions going for over $100.  No thanks on both accounts.  Recently more of his live autographs have been showing up and I was able to get this... on-card signature from Topps Five Star.  Five Star came out at the end of September and it features a two card box for $125.  Both cards are on-card autographs.  At $62.50 per card, buying this is a pretty big gamble.  The guy that bought the box with my Russell card didn't make his money back.

The relic was another from Panini's Immaculate.  Like my recent Fowler and Szczur Immaculate purchases, it's got both the relic and autograph.

All I'm missing now for the relic and autograph collections is Kris Bryant.  I'm hoping to snag a reasonably prices Panini relic.  The autograph; nothing of his is reasonably priced yet.

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