Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cubs In 4!!!!!!!!!!!

I called it correctly!!!

The Cubs took care of business last night and sent the Cardinals packing for the winter.  I'm glad they wrapped it up at home.  Going back to St. Louis would not have been a good thing.

On Monday, both home teams in the ALDS had the opportunity to clinch at home and they both failed.  That made me nervous about the Cubs chance.  And when the Cards put up a 2-spot in the first inning, that made me even more anxious.

But these young Cubs didn't panic.

Instead, they mashed.

Javier Baez continues to impress me since his September call up.  They need to find a place for him in the lineup every day.

Anthony Rizzo is a stud.  Twice in two days he goes 0-2 to Siegrist and then takes him deep.

Kyle Schwarber is a beast.  Check out this awesome tweet from the A's.

And now its on to the NLCS.

I will not make another prediction.  I don't care if it takes 4, 5, 6, or 7.  Just win and move on.



  1. I saw that A's tweet last night, pretty funny. Congrats to the Cubs. I'm guessing you would rather play the Mets....

    1. It would be nice to play the Mets and exorcise the demons of 1969