Monday, October 26, 2015

Time For A Little Review

With a few days to get over the disappointment of a sweep, I've got some thoughts about the Cubs 2015 season.

  • 97 wins and advancing to the NLCS should not be anything to be disappointed with.  In April, anyone that said the Cubs would win 97 games would have been considered an insane optimist.
  • Joe Maddon did exactly what he was hired to do.  He's changed the culture, brought the rookies along nicely, and made north side baseball fun again.  He's worth every penny.
  • Jake Arrieta had the season (maybe half-season) of a lifetime.  He's raised the bar awfully high for himself.

  • Anthony Rizzo is getting better each season.  Sky's the limit with him.

  • Starlin Castro had three seasons in one.  He had a crappy, head up his butt season, followed by a great teammate doing whatever he can for the team middle, and then ended with a that's more like it run. 

  • Kris Bryant didn't let the hype bother him.  He should win the rookie of the year.  Sky's the limit for him too.

  • Kyle Schwarber is way ahead of schedule.  The question is where will he end up on the field?  He's not a left fielder and he's not a major league catcher either.

  • Jon Lester was good but not $155 million good.  

  • The Cubs still need two more top of the rotation pitchers to compete with the big boys.  Kyle Hendricks is a decent #5, except he was the Cubs #3.  Help is needed.

  • Getting swept could be a good thing if it leaves the young Cubs hungry for something better.  The 08-09 Blackhawks were in a similar, young and losing the conference finals.  They won the Cup in 2010.
  • 2016 will be interesting.  Just 162 days until Opening Day.

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  1. Kyle Schwarber isn't a left fielder or MLB catcher NOW, but give him time. Remember when everyone was down on Soriano for his defense and then Dave McHay worked and worked and worked with him in spring training? He was actually pretty passable the last couple of years on the Northside.
    Schwarber's actually a pretty good athlete. He was a linebacker and I know you've seen his agility on display in that show choir video from high school! LOL He'll get it figured out!