Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Silver and Gold

A nice little trip down memory lane... I did really like Burl Ives and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as a kid.

But it has nothing to do with Cubs baseball cards.

Well, a little to do with Cubs baseball cards.

When I started my Darwin Barney player collection, I picked up these two autograph cards...

Both are from 2008 Just Minors  The top is a silver dual autograph with Barney and Tyler Colvin.  The card on the bottom is the gold version with signatures from Barney and Donald Veal.  The silver card is /25 while the gold has just ten copies.

I never gave them a second thought until I saw an eBay listing for a gold version of the Colvin card.  It was at a bargain price, so I pulled the trigger.  Once I got it, the OCD in me said I had to get the silver version of the Veal card to be complete.

And here's a look at all of the silver and gold.


  1. Donnie Veal has a nice signature... I had him pegged for a 8th inning lefty set-up man... too bad he never panned out for the Cubs.

  2. I'm a Charlie Brown, Grinch guy but my wife always liked Rudolf. I bought her a copy of the DVD this past Christmas. Nice DB's.

  3. The Just series of cards are seemingly impossible. There are a bunch of those player combinations and a number of parallel versions. I've been trying to nail down Jarrod Parker versions for years, but they have dried up except for one seller out of Georgia who wants 15-20x more than he should be selling them for. I've never been able to pin down a full checklist of the Just Minors cards, they seemed to be independent of the process back in the day.