Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Zobrist Autograph*

I've been a bit surprised that there hasn't been a Ben Zobrist autograph card that meets my rules.  I can find plenty from his days in Tampa, but anything signed from his Cub days has been far and few between.  I think the only one I saw was with Topps Now, a really expensive and limited card.

I was excited when I saw his name on the checklist for Triple Threads.  When I saw the card on Ebay, I was a little less excited.

It is the dreaded redemption card.  I went back and forth about getting one, but eventually I bit the bullet and made an offer on a BIN card on Ebay.  The seller took my offer and I've got a redemption.

I've already redeemed the card at Topps and now I just have to wait for Ben to sign and Topps to ship.  I hope he takes care of this over the winter and the card comes before the start of the season.


  1. Good luck! I gamble sometimes when the same scenario comes up with Pirates. More times than not it works out.

  2. If Zobrist signs with another team in the offseason or is traded, does the auto count for your collection based off your rules of Cub as a Cub?