Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thank You Theo


You've got to appreciate a guy who did exactly what he said he would do.  

When Theo Epstein came to the Cubs in the fall of 2011, he said that he'd build the Cubs organization into a first class operation.  The team would have to be gutted and rebuilt, and there would be some lean years.  But success would follow.

All of that did, culminating with a title in 2016.

For that, Theo will always be fondly remembered by Cub fans, this one included.

Thank you Theo!


  1. He engineered the end of two monumental World Series droughts. If I was the Cleveland Indians, I'd be doing everything possible to get him to sign on with them.

  2. Just curious... was this one of those things that Cubs fans saw this coming? I wonder where he lands.

    1. His plan was always just ten years. He recently finished nine, so its a year ahead of schedule. I wasn't shocked.

  3. Too bad he didn't want to stay for the last year. Maybe he didn't want to make the tough calls on the pending free agents. Hopefully when fans are back he can toss the first pitch and get the standing ovation he rightfully deserves.

  4. I wasn't shocked either. There are some tough decisions to be made this winter and Theo didn't feel it was appropriate for him to make those decisions, leave the following off season, and then have the next guy (Jed Hoyer) have to live with those decisions.