Monday, December 5, 2011

A New 38 Year Old Card For the Fergie Collection

I found a new card to add to the Fergie Jenkins collection, though the card is 38 years old.

While paging through the '73 binder a while back, I noticed on this card of Pat Corrales that the action was against the Cubs. You can see the Cubbie Bear patch on the sleeve and the Cubs logo on the front.

Somehow I had missed that for all these years.

As soon as I noticed that it was a Cubs game, I had to figure out what game, and it wasn't too tough. The Cubs player is black, so that helps. Plus it looks like a 3 and 1 on the jersey.....meaning it's Fergie Jenkins.

With that information, it was off to Baseball Reference to see if there were any home plate collisions between Fergie and Pat Corrales in 1972 (which was Corrales' first year with the Padres).

The first common game of the two players was June 14, 1972. Guess what happened in the bottom of the second inning? Fergie singled (he was a decent hitter) and then Don Kessinger followed with a double. Fergie came around trying to score but was thrown out at the plate. On the card, you can see Corrales holding onto the ball in his right hand.

So that makes three Fergie cards in the '73 set...

...his base card

....the team card (he's in the second row, fourth player from the left)

...and the collision card.


  1. Nice Find!! - I am pretty sure this is in my collection as well - Will have to move it over to the Fergie Collection.

  2. Do you have a Jenkins want list? I have some stuff you might be interested in. Email me.