Friday, December 21, 2012

2007 USA Baseball Darwin Barney

I'm in a bit of a lull between Topps releases that I collect, so I've been using the time to fill in some holes in my Darwin Barney player collection.  Barney was a member of the 2006 USA baseball team that won the University Games and was included in their 2006-2007 product.

The problem I've had with this product is the number of parallel cards.  Accoding to Beckett, there are 17 different cards for Barney in the set:

USA Baseball #8
USA Baseball Foil #8
USA Baseball In His Own Words Signatures #8..../20
USA Baseball Patriotic Patches #8..../20
USA Baseball Patriotic Patches Signatures #8..../1
USA Baseball Signatures Black #8..../595
USA Baseball Signatures Blue #8..../275
USA Baseball Signatures Red #8..../100
USA Baseball Signatures Green #8..../2
USA Baseball Signatures Jersey Black #8..../295
USA Baseball Signatures Jersey Blue #8..../150
USA Baseball Signatures Jersey Red #8..../50
USA Baseball Signatures Jersey Green #8..../2
USA Baseball Today & Tomorrow Signatures Black #9 D. Barney/M. Moustakas..../295
USA Baseball Today & Tomorrow Signatures Blue #9 D. Barney/M. Moustakas..../150
USA Baseball Today & Tomorrow Signatures Red #9 D. Barney/M. Moustakas..../25
USA Baseball Today & Tomorrow Signatures Green #9 D. Barney/M. Moustakas..../2

Of the 17, I've got five (they're the ones in bold).  You can also see all the different parallels they've got for the signature cards.  I'm content to just have one of the versions, I don't need a rainbow with these.

If you narrow the cards down to different designs, there are seven and I've got five of the seven.,  I'm missing the In His Own Words signature card and the Patriotic Patches.  Both have only 20 copies out there, so I'm not too sure about seeing them any time soon.  I've got an ebay search saved, and if anything pops up, I'll be in the hunt.

Here are the five cards I've got, in the same order as the bold cards in the list

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  1. I love that autograph Barney relic card. There's a lot going on there!