Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cooperstown Fronts....Mistake Free!!

There aren't any logos, and the pictures are boring black and white, but at least they don't have any mistakes!

I found a Sportots seller that had the three other Cubs that I collect in the Cooperstown set, and they were only 18 cents apiece, so I grabbed all three.

A young Mr. Cub posing in the outfield somewhere

Ryno takes a cut at Olympic Stadium in Montreal (at least I'm about 98% sure that's Montreal)

The Hawk rips a drive at Wrigley.  The horizontal cards have a straight line across the top, making it a bit tougher to hide hat logos.  They hide the Cubs logos but the Rawlings insignia on his sleeve gets to stay!


  1. Fine line between copyright infringement and free advertising!

  2. I really like this set. Putting one together of the base set.

  3. Thanks for sharing the source of these pick-ups. I need a few more too, and $0.18 each is right up my alley!