Thursday, December 20, 2012

Billy's Cooperstown Cards

Panini continues to crank out unlicensed sets, with Cooperstown being their latest.  At this point I've just picked up the Billy Williams cards.  I may go back later to get Ernie, Andre, and Ryno.

I'll say this about Panini---they've embraced the idea that their sets are not going to have official logos and I like that.  The Triple Play cards with the drawings instead of photos was a nice way to work around the lack of logos.

They've done the same thing with Cooperstown, designing the cards to minimize the missing logos.  You can see that bump on the top of the picture border, which matched with the general curve of a baseball hat bill.  Slide the picture into the bump and you can show a face but lose the top of the hat and the logo.

The photo frame is similar to this Donruss Classic card.

I've never been a fan of the unlicensed, logoless cards, but I do like what Panini is trying to do.

Billy was also included in the Induction insert set.  Logos weren't an issue here.


  1. That HOF Induction one is pretty cool.


  2. I got really excited when I thought that it was "Billy Dee" instead of "Billy Leo".

    I agree, Triple Play and Cooperstown have beaten the odds and gotten me to like a logo-less set. Not enough to collect all of them, but they're good for a rip now and then.

  3. I have never been a fan of unlicensed cards until this one. I really like the selection of players. The subsets are interesting. And the autos (if you get one) are not your regular cast either. Just an all around cool set. I really, really want the Ron Santo auto card.