Saturday, December 1, 2012

Five Star Billy Williams Autograph

One of the benefits of collecting an individual player is that I'll get some cards that otherwise I would have had nothing to do with.  Today's card is one of those.

Topps Five Star is reportedly their most expensive release ever.  A pack of five cards will set you back a mere $500.  That's about $495 above my comfort level.  Of course, the five cards are one base card (/80), three autographs (all on-card), a game-used relic card, and an autographed relic.  That's all good and well, but it's still $100 per card.  I can't get myself to spend $100 for a 100+ year-old T206 card; there's no way I'll pay that much for a new card.

But thanks to Ebay, I can cherry-pick the cards I want at a price waaaay  below the $100 per card price.  That's how I got this one...

...a Billy Williams  autograph card.  The card looks very nice--I really like the artwork.  The autograph is on-card.  And its numbers, though oddly, to /208.

And I paid only 20% of the $100 price....yea!


  1. Great card and bargain and nice to see Billy getting some love from Topps again.

  2. Those 5-Star cards are only feasible in singles. Way too expensive otherwise. The autographs are pretty stellar though.