Monday, December 31, 2012



The ol' blog has hit the four year mark. If you weren't with me back at the beginning, take a look at my first post. Doing the math from that day, I had 1702 (Topps) + 734 (Fleer) + 527 (Donruss) + 208 (Heritage) = 3171 Cubs cards. Today the total is 11,105. I guess I've been a little busy the past four years!

I've enjoyed sharing my growing collection with you over the past four years. It's gone by quickly.

One thing that I've recently realized is that many of the blogs that inspired me to start Wrigley Wax are either gone or have really slowed down. Wax Heaven, A Cardboard Problem, Bad Wax, Cardboard Gods, Dinged Corners, Project '62, Stale Gum, I Am Joe Collector, Voice of the Collector, White Sox Cards --- all slowed down considerably or stopped (although Mario at Wax Heaven has started up again!).

Others like bdj610's Topps Baseball Cards, Night Owl, Sports Cards Uncensored, Nachos Grande, and GarveyCeyRussellLopes have kept on blogging. And certainly many other blogs have come on the scene since 2009.

I guess the question would have to be---do bloggers have a certain shelf life? Is there a certain time when they'd run out of things to say or lose interest in the hobby?

If so, even after four years, I'm not there. Collecting drives my blogging, but blogging also drives my collecting---it looks like I've created a perpetual motion machine!

So, you can still expect to see something new pop up every day at 9:00 AM EST....and hopefully you'll read something that you won't consider a waste of two minutes of your day!

Thank you for reading and adding your comments.

I feel obligated to post some Cub card, so here is the most infamous Cub to wear #4,
Lee F*@%*# Elia



  1. Congrats on making it to 4 years, I am still in the middle of my first so not sure on the shelf life question.

    Love your blog so please keep it up!

  2. Keep up the good work! I guess I started checking in because I am a Cubs fan. But you continually seem to find interesting cards I never knew about. And you provide little tidbits of history for each card. So I just keep coming back. I appreciate your dedication. Here's to four more years!

  3. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to another year of Cubbie goodness.

  4. Congrats on number four! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

  5. How's this for a Wrigley Wax binge? I got to 1/1/12 on 6/6/16 and finished off the year on 6/19/16. Don't think I can keep up this pace, though. Happy 4th Birthday!