Friday, December 28, 2012

Panini Has Some Knuckleheads, Too

We established in an earlier post that there were some knuckleheads writing at Upper Deck, knuckleheads that moved Billy Williams into the infield.

Apparently, Panini has them too.

Here is the back of Ryne Sandberg's 2012 Panini Cooperstown card

and below is a blown up version of the write up. Check your watch, and then start reading. See how many seconds it will take you to fine the screw-up.

So how long?

I asked Mrs. WW to look for the error on the card. Now granted, she's married to me and has had to endure a lot of Cubbyness over the years, but she doesn't have a head filled with Cubs minutia like I do.

It took her 15 seconds before she said, "South Siders??"

So what's more messed up...Upper Deck moving Billy Williams to first base or Panini moving the Cubs to the South Side??

I've offered my proofreading services to Topps, but they've yet to take me up on the offer. I'll put it out there to my friends at Panini, too---I'd be more than happy to look over any Cubs products you make, to ensure you don't make yourselves look like fools.

Emial me

Yes, I know that I just made a mistake---do you think any card manufacturer would have caught the mistake, too??


  1. I like their grammar too: "Sandberg become...."? Shouldn't that be "became".

    1. Panini gots the goodest righters in sports.

    2. It's due to laziness, and reliance on spellcheck only. I see it all the time in online newspapers.

  2. Took me seconds... I'm not even from Chicago and I know south side is Sox territory.
    Seriously, I don't think the baseball card industry is operated by people who live, breathe and love baseball cards. I'm not even sure if they like baseball.

  3. Whomever was responsible for that back of the card text should be fired.

  4. I got to the part about being named the MVP, and my brain said "Wait, wait, go back a little... Aren't the White Sox the 'south siders'?"

    I will state for the record that I'm a Mets fan from Long Island and have never even been to Chicago.