Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Additions to the Player Collection

I've got player collections for five players....Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Darwin Barney.  Among the various 2013 sets I was able to add 98 cards to the collections.  The number doesn't include any cards that would be part of any Cubs team sets that I collect.  The player collection is made up of all the other cards, from insert sets or smaller sets.

Two of the players are more like step-players.  I'm not real good about adding lots of Sandberg and Dawson cards.  The 2013 additions for them were only two Dawson cards and four Rynos.  There were many more available, but I just haven't been too inspired to add them.

Ernie Banks got a fair share of additions, 18 cards.  However, six of those were on Cubs tickets.  As with Sandberg and Dawson, there were many more possibilities out there for Mr. Cub, but getting them wasn't a priority.

I'm guessing that most readers know who the big two are -- Darwin Barney and Billy Williams.  For the previous several years, it seemed like Billy Williams was left out of many was always Ernie and Ryno. But in 2013 things changed and I added 26 new cards to the collection---an appropriate number of cards, since that was Billy's uniform number....but also just a coincidence.

The big winner in 2013 was Darwin Barney.  Since he is an active player, he's in many of the "regular" sets and that means not only a base card, but a bunch of parallels too.  And I put together my fair share of Barney rainbows.  The Barney tally for the year was 48 cards.

Add up all five players and you get 98 new cards....and here they are

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