Tuesday, December 17, 2013

North Side South Side: Brent Lillibridge

The 2013 Cubs roster had two players Edwin Jackson and Brent Lillibridge) that spent some time on both sides of town.  Both were pretty lousy with the Cubs, but the worst was Brent Lillibridge.

The weak-hitting outfielder / infielder spent three and a half seasons with the White Sox, from 2009 - June, 2012.

The Cubs signed him as a free agent over the winter.  A career .213 hitter coming into the season, I don't think the Cubs were expecting much other than a utility glove.  Darwin Barney got hurt the last week of spring training and would be out for a few weeks, opening a roster spot for Lillibridge.

He was the Cubs opening day starter at second base, but it was pretty obvious right away that he was not going to be any good. He started seven of the Cubs first nine games and had a grand total of one hit...and that came in his seventh game.  After a few more day of the same lack of hitting, Lillibridge and his .042 average were sent to AAA.  A couple months later the Cubs sold him to the Yankees.

His time with the Cubs was so short that he never made it into any cards as a Cub.  This is a card I made for a post back on opening day.

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  1. Yeah the most a team can get out if Lillibridge is a utility defensive player who will do nothing for your lineup. The South Siders actually did a good job of evaluating their own talent and saw this and were able to exchange him for a Kevin Youkilis rental