Friday, December 20, 2013

I Do Not Like the Padres

I saw that the Padres are planning on wearing 1984 uniforms for an entire four-game series next season.

The opponent...the Cubs.

 I do not like the Padres.

For the first 15 years of their existence, the were barely a blip on my radar.  They were the expansion team that was always bad.  They were the team that almost moved to Washington.  They were the team that were owned by the owner of McDonalds.  They were the team that had uniforms that looked like French Fries.

Then came October, 1984...specifically October 4, 6, and 7.  The Cubs blew a 2-0 NLCS lead and lose to the Padres on each of those days, and lose the series.  From that date forward, I did not like the Padres.

Next season marks the 30th year since that fateful October.  Time has eased the pain of the collapse and the dislike of the Padres.

Until now.

Thank a lot for rubbing salt in a 30 year old wound.

I do not like the Padres.


  1. I started liking the Padres just about that time (October 1984). And although I don't necessarily consider myself a Cubs fan... they're the NL team I'll quietly root for when the Padres aren't playing.

  2. i caught a bit of cubs fever in 1984, but once the playoffs rolled around, my garvey fandom won out over cey and lopes together again.

  3. So many disappointments. Would the Cubs have won in 1984 if we had the third home game we were denied for lack of lights? Maybe.