Sunday, December 1, 2013

All of the Post Cubs

Now that I've got all of the Post Cubs, we can take an overall look at the entire three year run.

There were a total of 28 Cubs, ten in 1961 and 1962, while the last set, 1963 had just eight Cubs.  The 28 cards featured 17 different players.

Three players, George Altman, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo, were in all three sets
 Richie Ashburn, Don Elston, Jerry Kindall, Andre Rogers, and Sam Taylor had two cards each.
That leaves nine more players with just one card...Don Cardwell, Glen Hobbie, Frank Thomas, Ed Bouchee, Don Zimmer, Dick Bertell, Ken Hubbs, Don Landrum, and Billy Williams.

Post liked to re-use pictures.  Of the eight Cubs with more than one card, five of them had a picture reused.

Post also liked yellow and red.  Every card has some element that is both of those colors.

My favorite thing...Post took pictures at Wrigley Field.  Every single one of the 28 cards shows the home uniform....100%.  The Topps percentage of home uniforms during the same three year period was a whole lot lower, only 39%.

This was a nice project to complete.  If your favorite team was around during this era, I'd recommend you take the time to put a team set together.

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