Wednesday, December 11, 2013

32 Home Run...Really?

An article I was recently reading shocked me.

It was talking about what the Cubs need to do over the off-season (there's plenty!) and one section was dealing with third base.  When they let Aramis Ramirez go, Ian Stewart was brought in to take over.  That didn't work out so well.  Last year it was third base by committee.  But here's the shocker...the article said that the Cubs would have a hard time replacing the 30 home runs hit by their third baseman.

30 home runs??

So I did some digging around at Baseball Reference.  I couldn't split the stats strictly by position, but as best I could, here's what I  came up with...

Valbuena, Murphy, and Ransom played a few games at other positions, but with their numbers you can pretty much figure them as third basemen.

Look at the totals....32 homers...great
...80 RBIs decent production there
...a batting average of .218--ok, not so good there.

Except for the average, the numbers compare very favorably with what Aramis Ramirez did while he was with the Cubs.

But I'm pretty sure that  ValbuenaMurphyRansometc. is not what the Cubs are looking for over the long haul.

And how many of the six third basemen had a Cubs card in any 2013 product?

One player, one card.

No respect for the six-headed 30 homer monster that is the Cubs third basemen.


  1. That makes Murphy the only Cub 3B to hit over .230 in two seasons...

  2. Man, it was so nice to stop the revolving door at 3B when we traded for Aramis. I'm hoping we can pencil in Olt's or Bryant's name for the foreseeable future.