Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two More Billy's

I've added a couple more Billy Williams items to my collection, one from way back and one from this year

Up first is the older item. This is a Topps Stamp from 1969.  It is part of a 240 player set...ten players per team.  There were also team albums that the stamps could be pasted into.  I've been looking for a Cubs album and stamps for a few years, but haven't found one at a reasonable price.  Tired of waiting, I picked up the Billy stamp from three bucks.

The modern pickup is this 2013 Topps Tribute Retire Remnants card.  The card is /99 and has a nice piece of his bat.  I was the only bidder on this card and got it for the opening bid of $1.99.  Imagine that...a relic card of a hall of fame player, numbered to only 99, for two bucks.

Someone paid $50 for a pack of five cards of Tribute, got this /99 card as the pack hit, and sold it for two bucks.  Ouch.  When I can get a deal like this, I don't miss the excitement of opening a pack at all.  I'll leave that to someone who can risk $50 on a pack and get $2 back for it.

With these two cards, my Billy collection is now up to 230 cards, with 136 in the player collection and the other 94 in the team sets.

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