Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Heritage High Number Cub

No, that's not a typo in the title.  I didn't accidentally leave the "s" out after Cub.

Topps did.

Last week they started selling the 100 card Heritage High Number set.  The set is available only via the Topps website.  For the low price of only one hundred dollars you get one hundred cards and one autographed card.

I did not buy the set.

I did buy the Cubs team "set," all one card of it.

I shouldn't complain.  After getting completely shut out of the 100 card Chrome Update set, I should be happy that at least one Cub was deemed Heritage High worthy by the good folks at Topps.

And who did Topps grant the privilege of inclusion to?

The lone Cubs 2013 All Star, Travis Wood.

Wood is Cub #17 to be included among the 600 cards of Heritage.

In 1964, the Topps set had 587 cards and the Cubs showed up on 28 of those.  There were only 20 teams that season, so simple math tells you that there should be more Cubs than in the Heritage set.

Both the 1964 Cubs and the 2013 Cubs were not very good.  The '64 team was 76-86 while the '13 team was ten games worse, 66-96.

The only bright spot?

The '64 team included four future Hall of Famers.

The 2013 Cubs will have none.


  1. I saw Justin Grimm on the checklist and thought he would be a Cub since he made the flagship Update set as one. Nope, still a Ranger.

  2. I had the same thought...O good--two Cubs, then, Rats, only one.

  3. Leave out the "S"... for "Savings"!!!!!! in "You're saving money because you only have to buy one card!"

    I've got 2 Mets to buy, down from 4 last year... should that make you feel any better. I'm just waiting for them to make their way on to COMC.

  4. There is a second Cub in the boxed set. ROA-KF is autographed Kyuji Fukukawa. I bought it on ebay. I was surprised they made a signed version and not a regular card.