Saturday, August 9, 2014


I am not a Star Trek fan.  I know very little about it.  What I do know is more from other sources.

Like Seinfeld.


I am a fan of Billy Williams.  I know alot about him from my own stuff, including this newest pickup...


Kahn's Wieners started putting out cards in 1955.  Being a Cincinnati company, their first sets were just Reds.  They later added Pirates (1957), Indians (1959), Cubs, White Sox, and Cardinals (1959), and Braves (1965).

My card of Billy is from the 1969 set, Kahn's last set.  The picture on the card seems to be from the spring of 1969.  Too bad they didn't crop the card a little tighter; Billy seems pretty far away.

These are fairly scarce and can command a pretty penny.

By now you should know that I didn't pay a pretty penny for the card.  I've been waiting for a couple years for one of these to come up as an auction that starts at a reasonable price.  It was worth the wait.  The cheapest one on Ebay right now is going for $50.  I paid less than a third of that.

When I won the card I was excited.

I let out a little yell


  1. Great buy. Coincidentally I got my Ron Santo from that set for about the same amount on a BIN. I was shocked to see it at that price. Likewise to the Williams the Santo's are currently on Ebay in the $60 range. Patience and persistence pays.

  2. That's my favorite old school ST movie. Great card.