Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Chrome Cubs

Topps issued the 2016 Chrome set a little more than a week ago.

You know the drill....200 cards from the flagship set are made all shiny and slightly bowed.

Two years ago there were just three Cubs among the 200 Chrome cards.  This year that number is triple...9 of the 200 in the set are Cubs.

And yes,

Carl Edwards was one of the nine.

Here's the other eight...



  1. That Zobrist card is so sweet!
    I'm not minding all of the Carl Edwards cards as of late... he seems to be Joe Maddon's new favorite toy.

  2. The love affair continues (I think I have pretty much every Hardee's card that's been released this year, including an auto from Series 2)! One of these days I'll have to do a Thickburger round-up. The kid's awesome.

    I like that they used a different image for Zobrist this time, adds some variety.

  3. That Bryant kid may turn out to be a star someday. We'll see.