Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Era Schwarber Card

Topps put baseball cards in pizza and hats this year.  I took care of the pizza cards a while ago and have now gotten around to the hat card.

The deal with these is that if you bought a New Era hat at selected LIDS stores, you'd also get a pack of cards.  The New Era set is much smaller than the Marketside Pizza set, with just nine players.  I'm a little surprised that Topps went with Schwarber over Bryant.

While Marketside got its own unique design, the New Era cards used the flagship design, though they did use a different picture.This makes the sixth 2016 card of Schwarber with the flagship design...there is the flagship, Berger's Best insert, Opening Day, Factory Team Set, Chrome, and New Era.


  1. Not sure if KB has a deal with New Era, whereas Schwarbs does. Since this was a promo with New Era, the guys on the cards are their contract guys.

  2. I was gonna say the same thing Schwarber definitely schills for New Era, I've never seen KB on any New Era posters or twitter contests etc.

  3. As the previous folks have said, the New Era checklist was made up of players who are signed on as New Era Brand Ambassadors, and all of the photos in the set feature them wearing ball caps as opposed to wearing batting helmets or being without headgear at all.