Friday, August 26, 2016

Missing Numbers

I was looking through my 1950s Topps Cubs cards, looking for other players that wore #26.

I made an interesting discovery:  Cards from the 50's rarely if ever gave you a look at the number on the back.

Here are all the cards I could find that showed the uniform number of the featured player:

That's it, just two cards.  The 1956 card shows Dee Fondy's #40 and in 1959 we get a look at Lee Walls' #2.

So if you're looking for uniform numbers, skip the 50's.


  1. So on the Dee Fondy card even though he is listed as a first baseman, in the picture on the card he is not the first baseman but he is the player diving back into first base? Interesting.

  2. Yes, I had to check that. When looking at the card I assumed the first baseman was Fondy. But he wore #40 and is in a blue uniform, so the runner is him.