Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Ginter #1

My first 2016 Allen and Ginter card has arrived.

I'm still waiting on my main stash, coming from Brentandbecca.  From him I bought the complete set, Cubs team set, Cubs inserts, and the full sized relics.

Full sized relics are fairly new to Ginter.  For the first several years the relics came in framed mini cards. They look really nice and they are the reason that I've gotten all the Cubs relics from the start.

But for the past couple years Topps has had full sized relics and made the framed minis more scarce.  This year the minis fall just two per case.  When I heard that I figured that they would be too expensive for me and I decided to skip them.

Just for kicks, I decided to check the Ebay prices of the four Cubs minis.  Lo and behold they weren't very pricey at all.  So I went for it.  I was able to pick up the Rizzo, Russell, and Lester minis for less than six bucks each.  I thought that was very reasonable.

Three out of four for a good price, but there was still one more, Kris Bryant.  His card would break the bank.

But it didn't.  I won this for $8.50.  That's quite a bargain in my opinion.  The seller is also in Michigan, so the card came in just three days.

Good price + quick shipping = happy collector!

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