Monday, August 29, 2016

A Bad Post Office, A Good Guy

I ordered the Bunt Cubs team set from Brentandbecca a few weeks ago.

He emailed me on August 16 that the team sets would ship out the next day.  I kinda forgot about it for the next week.  When the set still hadn't arrived by the 26th I emailed Brent for tracking information.

He emailed me the tracking number and said it had been delivered.

I checked the tracking info and he did too. We emailed each other at just about the exact same time....the package got delivered to the wrong address.

It says delivered in Fenton, Michigan.

I live in Sturgis, Michigan, which is about 150 miles away from Fenton.

Thank you USPS.

Luckily, Brent is an upstanding dealer.

He told me he has no more team sets, but he has a complete set on Ebay and his own personal complete set.  He took the Cubs cards from one of those sets and sent them to me.  He's also working with the post office to find out what happened to my cards.  If he gets them back he'll use them to replenish his complete set.

The tracking on the replacement package says the cards should be delivered by Tuesday.

Unfortunately the tracking does not say where the package will be delivered.


  1. There is a two issue on this:

    1) the PO needs to step up it's game. They need to pay attention to what they are doing. Hey - it is a thankless job and mind numbing. You still need to pay attention to what you do.

    2) Why the receiver wasn't a stand up person and let the mail carrier know the package was not their's - that is straight up a-hole of them. I never received an ebay package that was accidentally delivered within a couple blocks of my house. If you are a card collector and received them, either be a man and send it where it belongs or come over and let's talk cards. Just don't keep them or toss them.

    Receiving mail that is not yours and keeping it? That's called fraud and it's illegal.

  2. My postman sucks. More than once, I've had a seller email to say "Your cards were returned, what's your address?" only to find out that the package was addressed properly but placed in the wrong box. That being said, my neighbor generally gets the mail when it's placed in the wrong box, and rather than just walk across the breezeway to hand it to me, he writes "Return to Sender" and drops it back in the mailbox. So rather than walking four feet to my door, he walks 200 yards to the mail center. People just suck sometimes.

  3. have you tried googling your street address but in Fenton? Maybe you can find out if it's an office building or what not? I working in an office and they take in so much stuff they don't figure out they have something for the wrong address til weeks later. Maybe you can call the building and talk to the mailroom?

  4. Agreed great seller! The fault here seems to belong to a few individuals....1) the ones sorting obviously placing it in the wrong bin, 2) the specific carrier who should have paid attention to the address when they sorted their bin (I know several carriers they make Excellent money), and lastly the mailroom or receptionist where the package was received should have taken care of it. I get mail here for a friend, and a couple of my daughters will get a piece every year or two and the carrier gets out of the truck checks to see if I'm home and asks me if this is supposed to be delivered here. Awesome when they take pride in their work.