Saturday, August 27, 2016

Graded Barney

A first (as far as I know) appeared on Ebay yesterday:

A graded version of the 2011 Heritage Barney no position card (link to auction here).  The seller has it as a Buy It Now / Best Offer with a price of $200.  That's twice the average price of the raw card.

You can see that the card has a grade of 8.5.  The price seems high for a card with that grade.  $200 for a 10 maybe, but not an 8.5.

I checked the PSA population report (you'll have to type in "Darwin Barney" into the search bar   for the report) to see home many of these have been graded.  I guess this is the only one since the card isn't even listed in the pop report.  My guess - it was just recently graded and PSA hasn't update their list.

I won't be buying this but I will be an interested bystander.

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  1. That's not the best way to look, despite what they say. Go to POP Report, to Baseball Cards, to 2012 (not 2011), to Topps Heritage. Four cards have been graded: there PSA 9s and this PSA 8.5.