Saturday, August 13, 2016

Yes, I Know I Should Stop

Yes, I know that I should stop buying these.

For some reason, I can't.

They are rare and they are cheap and they are Darwin Barney.

I added my 11th copy of his 2013 Heritage Venezuelan card.

I've been tracking the card's Ebay sale for three years.  My recent purchase was the 13th to be listed in over three years.   That's just 1/3 the number of the supposed super SP no position card from the previous year.  And while the average price of the 2012 card is $93, the more rare Venezuelans are going for peanuts, $3.42 each on average.

I've bought 10 of the 13 on Ebay and also got a copy from COMC for 99¢.

They are rare, cheap, and I am going to corner the market!


  1. Back in the early 90's, people were hoarding Ken Griffey Jr and other cards, for "investments". I wonder how that worked out for them after the market crashed under the weight of all the junk wax?

  2. We're a strange breed, we collectors. :)