Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One Very Dedicated Reader!

I appreciated all of you who take a couple minutes of your day to read this.  But there is one reader in particular who's story I need to share...Joe.

Joe is a Cub fan and an Ernie Banks collector.  In fact he is THE Ernie Banks collector.  His collection is #1 on the PSA listing of Ernie Banks master collectors.  Joe has 100% of the Banks master collection.  Amazing!

Joe found the blog a while back and made it his mission to read through the entire thing.  He went back to post #1 and slogged his way through.  A couple weeks ago he finally caught up to the current post.  Not only did he read every single post, but he commented on many of them,.  That is dedication.

When he reached this post on the 1969 Cubs record Cub Power, he asked me for a copy of the CD.  I was more than happy to oblige.  I packed up a CD and sent it his way. It also turns out that Joe knows several of the musicians that performed on the record.

He is not only a dedicated reader, but a generous one too.  He sent me some Cubbie odds and ends from his collection.

Several were cards of Kerry Wood:



The triangle shaped card is from 1998 Pacific Crown Royale.  The card on the bottom right is from the 2001 Leaf Sun-Times collection.  The cards are /5.  And the last card has Kerry's autograph.

This came from a Cubs Wrigley Field Give Away.  Fans were given these cards to scratch off and there were 100 winners that got a Mark Prior Jersey.

This graded card is from The Score Board's 1997 Sports City USA set.

Below is the complete set for the 1997 Orlando Rays.  They were the Cubs AA affiliate at the time.


Former Cub All-Star second baseman Manny Trillo was a coach.  The only player that had a big league career of any significance was pitcher Justin Speier.

Squirt teamed up with Topps in 1982 to put out a 22 player set.  Not of the 22 were Cubs, so I've got a Tiger, Red Sox, and Royal.

I saved the best for last...

...this 1960 Ernie Banks Armour Coin.  Buy some hot dogs, get a coin.

Thanks for reading, Joe, and for all the goodies!


  1. Whoa, very cool. And impressive - both Joe's collection and dedication reading your blog.

    That Cramer's Chhoice Wood is awesome. I've always loved those cards.

  2. Those are some awesome oddballs - I've never seen that Prior before. Joe is certainly the embodiment of dedication and generosity.

  3. That is awesome. Joe seems like a great guy.

  4. Love the Kerry WoodS card. That one always cracks me up!

  5. Glad you enjoyed them! When I pared down my collection in an attempt to focus I had some stray cats lying around. Not quite a complete set of the Rays, though. The two Kerry Wood cards were graded and are part of my Early Kerry Wood Cards Showcase in the PSA Set Registry. It covers 1995-1997 along with the 1998 SP Top Prospects, which are the cards that pulled me back into the hobby!