Friday, January 24, 2020

2002 Bowman Heritage Cubs

Classics has wrapped, so let's move ahead with Bowman Heritage.

The 2002 set mimics Bowman 1954.  That seems odd, since this is the second year of Bowman Heritage, meaning they should have copied the second year of Bowman, 1949.  I wonder why Topps decided to skip ahead to 1954.

The card design is very basic -- a picture of the player and a colored box with his autograph.  Most of the signatures on the Cubs cards are fairly legible.  That surprised me. I thought I'd have a harder time figuring out the names.


Here's a side-by-side look at the originals and the Heritage versions.

The sets consists of 440 cards and one fourth of the cards were short-printed.  There are
17 Cubs and seven of there were SPs.  That is almost half, which seems a bit unfair!









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