Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2020 Topps Series One Cubs Checklist

Topps released the checklist for 2020 Series One a few days ago.  I've had a chance to look it over and here are a few thoughts...

  • The Cubs have a decent number of cards in the base set - 15.  
  • Four of the fifteen Cubs are rookies, and two of them, Danny Hultzen and Robel Garcia, seem to be stretches.  
  • Javier Baez got a very prominent card number, 300.
  • The number of Cubs inserts that I'll chase is double the number of base cards.  I've got 30 of them to grab
  • Why does Topps continue to put out insert sets that use the designs of cards from the '80s?  Can't we just wait for Heritage to get there?
  • Retired Cubs with insert cards include Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg, and Sammy Sosa.  Billy Williams got left out.
  • Turkey Red is back and that is news that I like.  It's last appearance was in 2014.
  • I've got my order in with Brentandbecca and I just have to patiently wait for the cards to arrive.  I will also have to get a few of the retail-only inserts from Ebay or Sportlots.
  • Release date is Monday, February 3

Here's the list of Cubs cards I'm getting...

Base Set
26 Kyle Hendricks
37 Albert Almora
51 Anthony Rizzo
70 Nico Hoerner RC
103 Danny Hultzen RC
119 Kyle Schwarber
139 Jose Quintana
177 Craig Kimbrel
283 Robel Garcia RC
300 Javier Baez
306 Jon Lester
311 David Bote
325 Like Father, Like Son
338 Chicago Cubs – Team Card
340 Adbert Alzolay RC

1985 Topps Baseball
85-24 Anthony Rizzo
85-25 Kris Bryant
85-26 Kyle Schwarber
85-27 Ryne Sandberg
85-28 Willson Contreras
85-29 Robel Garcia
85-95 Nico Hoerner

Decade's Best
DB-2 Ernie Banks
DB-3 Ernie Banks
DB-34 Fergie Jenkins
DB-43 Ryne Sandberg
DB-53 Sammy Sosa
DB-65 Sammy Sosa
DB-83 Chicago Cubs
DB-94 Kris Bryant

Decade's Next
DN-22 Nico Hoerner

Home Run Challenge
HRC-7 Javier Baez
HRC-8 Kris Bryant
HRC-9 Anthony Rizzo

Topps Choice
TC-16 Kris Bryant
TC-25 Ryne Sandberg

Turkey Red
TR-19 Willson Contreras
TR-20 Javier Baez
TR-21 Kris Bryant
TR-22 Kyle Schwarber
TR-41 Nico Hoerner

Silver Packs 1985 Chrome
85C-6 Nico Hoerner
85C-8 Kris Bryant
85C-9 Ryne Sandberg
85C-47 Robel Garcia


  1. I'm a fan of the '85 design, but I agree with you on leaving these designs alone until it's their time in Heritage.
    Turkey Red making a come back is a big plus in my book. Although, I wish it was a stand alone set that you could buy in packs (at an affordable price point though).
    Any idea who the players are on the "Like father, like son" card?

    1. I’ve got no idea who the father son goes to.

  2. Interesting that Bryant and Contreras were left out for Series 2, being that their names were popping up as possible trade bait in the offseason. I wonder if one of them was traded there would have been time to update the uniform for Series 2.