Monday, January 6, 2020

2019 Topps Transcendent Billy Williams

Transcendent is one of those set that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.  The $10,000 per box price is what keeps me far, far away.

And what do you get for $10,000?

This ...
1 Complete Set of Transcendent Icons Base Cards (50 cards)
1 Complete Set of Franchise Favorites Reproductions (100 cards)
50 Transcendent Collection Autographs (#/25 or less)
1 Autographed 1953 SuperFractor (1/1)
1 Derek Jeter Autograph (1/1)
1 Auto Patch or Auto Bat Knob/Nameplate Book (1/1)
1 Oversized Cut Signature or Oversized Letter Autograph (1/1)
1 Transcendent Franchise Favorites Sketch (1/1)
1 Ken Griffey Jr. VIP Experience Invitation

Just 100 boxes are made.  I wonder if it sells out?

Billy Williams was included in the Franchise Favorites set and I picked up his card.

I call it a card, but it come in a metal frame and weighs ten times more than a regular card.  The scan makes the border look black, but it is actually a shiny gold.

It's not a bad card and I paid a very reasonable price.  I wonder how the seller did?  Did he make back his $10,000 investment?


  1. If there are 100 boxes and each one contains a 1/1 Jeter card, isn't that the same thing as getting a Jeter numbered to 100? When I think of a 1/1 I associate it with there being a base card which has distributed to the masses. This is simply creating new product to perpetuate a sense of artificial scarcity. I don't like it. ... I'll step down off my soap box now.
    I do like the artistic feel of that Billy though!

  2. A lot of the vocal hobbyists on the socials have had varying views on the Transcendent release, and I tend to agree with the vocal majority, that this is creating a false elite that isn't fooling anyone. If you are spending the price of a car or a year's worth of mortgage on a suitcase of cards you'd have to part out one by one to 'make your money back' is foolish. You would have to average $49 per card to get your money back, but that's assuming the 150 cards in the sets all sell individually. OK, you can find super collectors for 1/1 Jeter autos (I agree with Tom, if all of them are 1/1, but there are 100, how is the uniqueness splintered 100 ways?) and I've seen Mike Trout 1/1s in breaks, but who is paying top dollar for a Ryan O'Hearn Transcendent auto, or even a Whit Merrifield or Starlin Castro card? This falls into the category of manufactured hype, just like the 60+ parallels Topps and Bowman throw at collectors with their flagships each year.