Thursday, January 9, 2020

Recapping the 2010s

Here's the final look at the 2010s - the decade with a 100 loss team and a World Championship.

The number of brands varied from 17 to 30.  Despite its monopoly, Topps keeps cranking them out.

Topps picks a player as the team favorite and then rides them to death... Bryant four times, Castro three times, and Rizzo twice.

The decades high year, 2016, was more than double the lowest year, 2013.  The 2016 number got a big boost from several World Series sets.  The average for the ten years is almost exactly 500 --- 500.1111 according to my Excel sheet.

I'll wrap things up with a look at all 4,501 Cubs cards from the 2010s.  Sorry, but you'll really have to squint to see them.  Trust me, they are all there!


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  1. 30 brands is insane. Topps need to chill out a little, before they cause another Junk Wax Era.