Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2004 Donruss Classics Cubs

Let's keep rolling through the Classics... I sound like a DJ!

The 2004 set follows the same basic pattern of its predecessors.... current players in silver followed by retired players and prospects in gold.  A change was made with the numbers, though. The current players got the first 150 cards, followed by 25 legends and 25 prospects.  In the past there were fewer current and more legends and prospects.  Oddly, after the first 200 cards, 13 more were tacked on, five more of each legends and prospects, and then three traded cards.




Nic Jackson is an outlier with this group as he never played an inning of major league ball.  It's odd that he was sliver instead of a prospect gold.  

The Greg Maddux card is one of the three add-on traded cards, as he returned to the Cubs as a free agent prior to the 2004 season.


Three Hall of Famers... the Sandberg card is one of the five add-on legends.

Brendan Harris is the lone Cub prospect.  He ended up with an eight-year MLB career, though just 3 of his 529 games were played in a Cubs uniform.

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