Saturday, April 10, 2021

2021 Donruss Cubs

 The 2021 edition of Donruss came out last month.  Panini resurrected the Donruss name in 2014 and I've been getting the Cubs sets ever since.  It was more out of obligation, since I had all of the original Donruss Cubs cards.  It is not anything I look forward to with great anticipation.  Instead, it's just a sense of completion.

The set starts off with the Diamond Kings and Anthony Rizzo is the Cubs' representative.  This marks the fifth time he has been a Diamond King.




Six Cubs are in the regular portion of the set.  Panini did a pretty good job of picking pictures that have the Cubs chest logo not visible.

Brailyn Marquez is the Cubs lone representative in the Rated Rookies subset.




There are six Cubs cards in the 1987 retro subset.  Not team or city is mentioned on the front but on the back, all are listed as being on Chicago.




Maddux, Palmeiro, and Sandberg each had cards in the original 1987 set.  I wonder why Panini chose to change the border on the 2021 version to black?  


Finally, there were three Cubs with variation cards.  Baez has a different picture, Bryant a different city name, and Sammy's complete name was changed.


  1. Palmeiro makes an appearance. I didn't see that one coming!

  2. Rizzo - 5 time DK since 2014. Wow. This is one of the most boring designs Donruss has done but it looks better than Topps this year

  3. 2021 Donruss and 2021 Topps look so much alike this year. It's hilarious!