Tuesday, April 20, 2021

2021 Heritage and 1972 Topps Side By Side

 Each year I like to put the Heritage cards and the Topps cards side by side to see how close Topps came to matching the two.

This year the designs were pretty close.  The team names are nearly identical. So too is the font for the player's name. The big difference, though, is the border color, and it is painfully obvious.  The '72s used a pinkish shade while the Heritage cards are red.  While red makes more sense on Cubs cards, it's not the original color.  Switching was a bad idea.

Oddly, the Then and Now cards use the correct shade, so Topps was aware of it. They just choose to go with the red.

I've got the '72 and '21 lineups below.  Note that there is no third baseman for the '21 team and I had to fill in a few other positions with players no longer on the Cubs.









  1. No pink in 2021 Heritage was a bad move. It's a defining element of '72 Topps! The Cubs and Indians got screwed.

  2. Yeah, it's not a huge difference, but the pink looks better and is certainly more distinctive. Good catch.

  3. The photos are better now, but that hot pink/magenta/whatever it's called is much better.

  4. I did not realize Topps blew it with the Cubs - Give me the Pink